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Bird Aviaries

A wide range of bird aviaries are available. All are made with strong welded mesh (12.5 X 12.5 X 1.3mm). For each type of bird aviary an internal divider option is available for separation of birds. Flights and safety areas can be structured in your bird aviary to suit your needs. A wide range of options are available including; larger doors, extra doors, safety areas, extra flights, full colour range, steel frame, additional or less wire, roof bars, etc. Bird aviaries are all supplied pre-assembled panels.

The Bird Aviaries Range

  • Skillion Roof

    Offers additional protection from with a sloping roof, draining rainwater away.

    From AUD $319

  • Hex Aviary Range

    The great looking hex range features a variety of sizes, with flights available.

    From AUD $519

  • Flat Roof

    The Flat Roof aviary has one aviary door in front and wire dado front.

    From AUD $262

  • Junior Flat Roof

    Designed for young bird lovers with removable floor for easy cleaning.

    From AUD $329

  • Gable Roof

    Includes an aviary door in front, and solid sheet gable ends.

    From AUD $481

  • Wire In Gable Range

    Features wire in the gable front for extra sunlight.

    From AUD $602